Local Councillor Surgeries 2014

Councillors are elected by the local community to represent your views. They are responsible for making decisions on your behalf about local services and agreeing budgets and council tax charges. Each councillor represents an area called a ward, serving for four years.

Evelyn Ward Councillors

Cllr David Micheal (Labour)
Cllr Jamie Milne (Labour)
Cllr Crada Onuegbu (Labour)

Surgeries for constituents in Evelyn:

2nd Saturday of the month 11am-12noon
Sayes Court Community Centre, 341 Evelyn Street, London SE8 5QW

4th Saturday of the month 11am-12noon
2000 Community Action Centre, 199-201 Grove Street, London SE8 3PG

There will be no surgeries in August.
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