Evelyn Ward Councillor Advice Surgery 2011-2012

Evelyn Ward Councillor Advice surgeries will be held at the 2000 Community Action Centre 11am-12noon on these dates:

22nd December Cllr Sam Owolabi-Oluyole.
26th January  Cllr Crada Onuegbu.
23rd Febuary  Cllr Joseph Folorunso.
23rd March  Cllr Sam Owolabi-Oluyole.
27th April  Cllr Crada Onuegbu.
25th May  Cllr Joseph Folorunso.
22nd June Cllr Sam Owolabi-Oluyole.
27th July  Cllr Crada Onuegbu.

On the second Friday of every month (6.30pm-8pm), Cllr Sam Owolabi-Oluyole will be holding an additional Advice Surgery.

See Councillor web pages for more information.
Cllr Sam Owolabi-Oluyole
Cllr Crada Onuegbu
Cllr Joseph Folorunso

Following a long period of illness, Sam Owolabi-Oluyole died on Friday 3 January 2014.
Please click here to view a Tribute to Councillor Sam Owolabi-Oluyole on the Lewisham website.
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